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Service Dog Training

Happy Hounds Dog Training, LLC provides custom training for service dog teams based on individual needs. Our trainers have experience working with children, adults and to create successful teams. Service dogs can improve the lives of people with a wide range of disabilities, whether physical, psychiatric or neurological. We often customize tasks for a specific need for our client.

Psychiatric Service Dog (PSD)

A PSD will assist their handler with psychiatric disability such as depression, anxiety,  or PTSD with trained tasks.

Note: Emotional Support Animal and Therapy dogs are NOT the same as a Psychiatric Service Dog

Food Allergen Alert Dogs

These dogs are specially trained to detect and alert to the odor of allergens, like gluten, peanuts or eggs.

Diabetic Alert Dog 

We train our diabetic alert dogs in scent training. We focus on teaching the dog to pick up on the scent for dropping sugar levels. Once the pup recognizes the scent, its taught to alert the person.  

Autism Assistance 

These special dogs are trained to assist the individual. The dogs are trained to recognize repetitive behaviors of the child and interrupt certain behaviors.

What Our Clients Say

Peeping Dog

Tara H.

"I was referred to Elisa at Happy Hounds Dog Training by my vet and we couldn't be happier . We no longer dread taking Harry for his walks. We incorporate the training techniques into our daily routine and it makes a tremendous difference. "

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